The wonders behind the bearded figure

(Love) That Kind Of – 2011 Trailer

(Love) That Kind Of – IMDB Page

Here is a trailer for a short film written by my friend Ana Alic. Its called (Love) That Kind Of.  It’s about a girl who is trapped in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t appreciate her, and every night when she sleeps she dreams about this amazing guy who takes her on these romantic dates. It stars Ana Alic and Tommy O’Reilley. I was blessed enough to have worked on this project as the production assistant. I was able to see how the Director translates the words off the paper and make it into a beautiful scenery. Each shot in this short film was thought out from the opening forest scene to the ending subway scene. On the first night of shooting we stayed up till 3 in the morning perfecting the camera angles and the dialoge. We are planing on submitting the final product to the 2012 Sundance festival. For more information on the film check out the IMDB page.

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