The wonders behind the bearded figure

What goes on Under the Streets of New York

This Documentary takes you under the streets of New York City. It brings you up close to the old subway stations and interviews people who have been living under the streets of New York for many years. Whats even more remarkable about this is that this documentary was filmed with no concent and no permits from New York. Urban Historian and thrill seeker, Steve Duncan, has made these trips many times before, and is not affraid of whats trying to stop him. He brought along an up and coming film maker, Andrew Wonder, to film this adventure. I love how the whole thing was filmed gorilla style , it really sets the tone for the documentary. You feel like your there with them, trying not to be seen, and not to be hit by a passing subway cars.

It must be a real challenge, trying to get a clear shot of all the action, and at the same time not to be seen or heard by anyone. I highly incourage you to take the time and watch this.

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