The wonders behind the bearded figure

40 years of Dodge

Heres just a nice little video put together that shows the history behind one mans favourite possession. The way this video was pieced together was so elegantly done, that I had to share it. The colour corrections and filters in the beginning gave the video a nice vintage touch. I think the unique angles and point of views of the camera made a deeper impact on the total outcome of the video. You get to see the feeling of driving the car, and how cool it looks to drive. I find it enjoyable to watch these types videos where its something so simple and not much to it, but it gives such an impact and make you smile and want to watch it a second time. The music used has a nice flow to it. Gives of a folkie vibe to the finished product. It was mixed together excellently I might add. This is an all around neat little video.

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