The wonders behind the bearded figure

Dont Follow your Dream

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Harrison Solow seems to be very angry and distraught by her former student “Trevor”. She does have a good reason to be angry with him, but she was a little harsh. She demotivated her student to a whole new extreme. She clearly stated to him that he will never get a degree, because of some plagiarized content. It later talks about a friend of hers that taught a screenwriting coarse, and gave his class an assignment to write a one hour screenplay 50 pages long. A week later he collected the screen plays, but no one finished. How can he expect for the students to be just as good as him in their first year class. They have to practice and experince what its like to do what they want in life, they’re still learning. If people do work hard towards something they are passionate about they will eventually earn it. I do believe that I will end up somewhere in the film industry, so im starting young by going out and making videos. Each time I finish one, I really look at it and say, “what could have I done different to make it better?”. Nothing comes easy in life, and it shouldn’t. Each day offers new obstacles and maybe one day you’ll decide that what you have been chasing after wasn’t right for you in the first place. This is just my opinion, you may or may not agree with me. So take things slow in life and work hard towards your own goals.

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