The wonders behind the bearded figure

Occupy Toronto

Occupy Toronto has been going on since the end of september. They now have seemed to form their own colony, making libraries, grocery stores and even a “police” station. They claim that they are the 99% of people who aren’t being treated fairly in modern-day society, and that the 1% is the upper scale, high-class, business people who are getting in the way of all their dream jobs. For now lets call them hippies. The hippies think that sitting in a park, holding up miss spelt, and grammatically incorrect signs is the best way to get their message across. Surely the government will acknowledge this intelligence and do something about it. Sadly these “hippies” just keep sitting their, having their peaceful protest.

Going back to the article about “Dont Follow Your Dreams”, it talks about how in today’s society, young people just expect big important jobs to be handed to them with no effort involved. These occupiers are doing exactly that. They are waiting for “The Man” to come down and hand them all their dream jobs. Most of these people probably have a good education, and even a post secondary education, but their not applying them self out in the world. It almost seems like their being counter productive. The occupiers have been in Toronto for a month and some odd days, and yet they still don’t have a unified message. “We have come together to find solutions to the difficulties we are facing in society today. We have not yet put out a unified message but be sure it will come.” I took that statement straight from the Occupy Toronto website. Just below that statement is another one talking about why they are their and what they want to achieve with the protest. Having looked over both statements, it seems like they have some flaws. Some people are confused as to what they are protesting for and others seem to know exactly what they want out of it.

The point I am trying to get across is that if the 99%  of population is putting all their time and effort into this protest, why couldn’t they do the same for finding a job, or creating a job that will help with the issues that are being protested. Sitting around with signs isn’t going to give them instant results, they need to face the issues head on.

The video I attached below includes interviews of some of the protesters at Occupy Toronto. Have your own oppinion about the issue.

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