The wonders behind the bearded figure

Anonymous Occupy’s Toronto

The online terrorist group called “Anonymous” has released a video that states that they will interfere with Toronto mayor Rob Fords decision to evict the protesters in Toronto. They have also said that they will delete anyones existence on the internet, if they choose to interfere. Anonymous has proven before how powerful they truly are. They had crashed the Playstation 3 network last year because one of their users had been perminatly kicked off of the online game play, and to get back at Sony they crashed the whole network.

The actions that Anonymous are planing on taking seem a little extreme. They do want to make a serious point, but they are scaring a lot of people. I get that scaring the people is what will get a serious reaction, but we don’t want people living in fear. If the Anonymous do follow through with their original plan, it could cause an up roar with citizens of Toronto. Nothing good can come from the outcome of this event.

Hopefully the occupiers start fading away, and people return to their normal lives. But in reality that isnt going to happen. These next couple months could be rough for the people of Toronto.

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