The wonders behind the bearded figure

Culture Jamming

1.  its showing that people in prisioned to buying items, and theres no way you can get away from it. Your sold on the idea of buying something, but you dont always need it.

2.There’s no “one” product being advertised, its saying that people are imprisoned to all items for sale.

3. The image shows a Bar Code, with hands griping on to two of the bars, pretending like its on the inside of a jail sell

4/5.The Image is trying to display the fact that everyone falls victim to the buying world. And were all just a number or “figure” to the big name companies.

6.This advertisement is indented for all people whose ever bought something whether it was a trend, or something that’s useless to buy. But it mainly targets the people who go over board with spending money.

7.I believe the culture jam portrays a clear and meaningful message. Some may explain the ad in a different manner, but it all works out to being imprisoned to the idea of buying items.

8.I would have had a recognizable marketing figure behind the bars, just to help people out with understanding the message.

  1. The ad represents Nike, and how they had a scandal with child labor workers making their products.
  2. Nike as a brand is being advertised but it is portraying that when you buy a nike product, your paying $250 for the brand name, and only $0.83 for the actual labor.
  3. The imagery used is a black Nike shoe with a dashed line through the middle of it, dividing the shoe into two sections. Each section represents what the shoe is worth in dollars.
  4. The message used in the advertisement is what you are really paying for when you buy a Nike shoe.
  5. I believe having the figures on the actual Nike shoe have more of an impact on what the message is trying to get across
  6. The target audience for this ad is the people who buy into Nike products.
  7. I believe this had ad conveys a very clear and strong message towards Nike using child labor.
  8. I wouldn’t change the ad, I would leave it how it is because its already displaying a strong message.

1.The Company being targeted in the ad is B.P. Oil Company, and how they had the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

2.The product being advertised is shrimp, but instead of Bubba Gump Shrimp, its Bubba “Pump” shrimp, with the B.P. Oil logo in the background.

3. The imagery used is the this ad has the same look as the original Bubba Gump Shrimp logo, but instead the shrimp is now a gas pump nozzle and the title is Bubba Pump Shrimp. Around the circle of the pump nozzle says things like “Petroleum Flavor”.

4. The message used in the advertisement is of the massive oil spill in the gulf of Mexico that happened last year, and how now there’s a lot more oil then there is fish and sea creatures.

5. At first glance, the ad is set up like an innocent looking ad, but its only when you give it a good look that you realize that it represents B.P. Oil, and that the shrimp on the front of the ad is really a gas pump nozzle. All of these are arranged to show how B.P. Oil was responsible for polluting the Gulf of Mexico.

6. The Target audience for this ad would be probably the people affected by this disaster, and mostly the people at B.P. Oil. Its to show them what they did to the environment.

7. I believe the ad represents a clear message. If someone had not heard about the Gulf Spill, then maybe they wouldn’t understand as much as others. If a person also didn’t know who B.P. Oil was or what their logo looks like, that might also be a factor for not understanding it.

8. I don’t really know how else this ad could be improved. It seems to be pretty perfect to me. It sends a strong and clear message.

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