The wonders behind the bearded figure

Picture Name

N – I cropped out a chair leg between two desk legs.

I – Compressed a picture of a window to make the “I” thinner

C – Cropped out the handrails for the stair case and rotated by 180°

K – Cropped and rotated 90° of support bar of lighting rig

C – Cropped photo of the digital number 5, rotated 180°

O – Cropped Photo of Security Camera

F – Up side down shot of the sides of the stair case, cropped and warped

F – Shadow of window sill against the wall, warped on and angle

I – Cut out space between the bandana and fire extinguisher to make the lower case “i” more visible

N – Map of school atrium, painted over one of the crossing lines to make it look like an “N”

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