The wonders behind the bearded figure

5 Favourite Blog Posts of Media Arts

Over this past semester I have stumbled upon some interesting items on the internet. Iv mainly discovered some really cool short films. One in particular is called Möbius. I liked blogging it because it’s so great to watch. You really don’t want it to end.

Another one of my favourite blog post was our assignment to take pictures around our school that would spell our name. You really had to use your imagination to create your full name. The end result of the collage looks very unique. I only edited a couple of the pictures.

My 3rd favourite post was about the Star Wars in Real Settings. It blew my mind when I first saw them, and all the detail that went into each photo. They look completely authentic, like they were just photographed for some national geographic article.

My 4th favourite blog post is about the Occupy Movement. I took the time to research the whole meaning behind it. It turns out that there wasn’t a straight message being delivered. Each person wanted something different out of the government.

My 5th favourite blog post is the collection of Director of Photography I do for an online webseries. I really enjoy participating in them, and we have great hopes and dreams for the future of the show. Ill definatly be uploading everything I continue to do with the show.


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