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The Diamond Life Episode 10

Here is the next episode of the online web-series I do director of photography for. We interviewed our good friend Writer/Actor Tommy O’Reilley about his career. He’s been in multiple short films and has auditioned for some features. The style of the photo shoot and video goes along with the short film we did called (Love) That Kind Of. In the film it follows Marisa’s (Ana) dreams about Jake (Tommy), and for this we wanted to do Jakes side of the dream. I used interesting and unique techniques to capture some of the images. I found a blue flash light that I shined on a slight angle to give a short of lens flare. For some shots I took a drinking glass and kept spining it on an angle slowly to make a quarter of the frame blurry, but this also reflects the natural light off the crystals in the glass which causes a natural lens flare.

Our next episode is to be shot some time in February,



The Greatest Blog Post Ever Told

Today in our media class, we watched the documentary “Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold“. Its a documentary on how brand name companies advertise there products in motion pictures, and how having a big name company sponsor can turn your movie into a Hollywood blockbuster. Its really interesting to see how this whole industry works. After having watching this film, im starting to see more of the product placement in movies and on television. Some movies do a great job at sneaking it in, other movies make it very blunt and obvious about product placement. Take Waynes World for example. They used popular products at the time, and there was clearly product placement  in the movie, but they portrayed it in a humorous manner.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold was eye catching and worth the watch. It raises the question, can a major motion picture become a blockbuster success with out the help from company sponsorship? I cant think of any off the top of my head, but if there were to be a movie without company sponsorship, it would not be as successful as movies like Iron Man, or Twilight. This Documentary is continually generating money, but has not yet broke even. It was estimated that the budget of the movie was$1,500,000, and from last August, the movie grossed $638,476.

If you have the chance to watch this documentary, I recommend it. Its fun and interesting to see how the marketing industry works with the motion picture industry.

Snow White and the Huntsman First Look

Here is the first look for the new movie Snow White and the Huntsman directed by Rupert Sanders. It stars twilight teen Kristan Stewart, Oscar Winner Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin. The film definatly looks like it has come along way from the original 1937 Disney version. The trailer looks fantastic, you can already tell its gonna be one of the most anticipated movies of 2012. Its just filled with tons of action, suspense and most likely romance. The visual and special effects are very impressive and are definatly not falling behind with the special effects of today. I wouldnt say it’s setting a new bar for visual effects, buts keeping up with the technology. The score used in the trailer was of an interesting choice. I don’t think it was the best choice of music for this kind of movie. It did seem dark and ominous, but it had this sort of techno-logic beat to it. It sounds like the music from the Tron trailer. At the end of the day, the trailer does get you pumped up for the movie. Ill most likely be seeing this movie opening week.

Mobius – Short film

This 11 minute film is filled with action, mystery and suspense, and to top it all off, it has a phenomenal twist at the end. I quite thoroughly enjoyed watching this master piece of a film. Its amazing to see how far technology has become over the years. You may call this film a “Big Budget” Short film, but the if you compare it to Hollywood blockbusters like Christopher Nolan’s Inception, this film was made on next to nothing. Each shot just looks so crisp and clear. The lighting from transitioning between inside the car to outside was just incredible.  The action scene of the car chase was brilliantly done. It stands out from the kind of car chases you see in movies like Michael Bays Transformers, where half the time you dont even know whats going on, or whats happening. Its simple but elegant. Throughout the entire short, the cinematography was fairly impressive. It had the right balance of close up shots, to establishing shots. Its short films like these that motivate me to keep working towards becoming a film maker. If they can do such an amazing job on this, why can’t I? Get comfy, sit back, and enjoy.

All Around The World

“3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage” Thats what it took to create this master piece. Move is part of a three part mini shorts. Its a neat little video that shows one mans journey around the world. The cuts between all the shots were really well done. Each shot must have been carefully planned out in order to achieve the look of the actor walking at a constant speed toward the camera.

Weird or What?

Im still having trouble figuring out how exactly this video was created. The video suggests that at 5:46 in the morning the streets are flooded with a river of water. Could this be some strange phenomena that occurs in this town?  After watching I looked more in depth to the subject and come to the conclusion that the water was digitally placed in during Post Production. With a little hard work and attention to detail, the creators of this video were able to pull off the illusion of a river right in the middle of the town. The audio mixing and sounds for the video really pulled it together, giving it an erie, unsettling feel to it. The subtle camera shakes and pans gives the audience the feeling of actually being there, standing in the water. Its truly amazing to see what other film makers can do with such a simple concept design.

The Plot Device

Red Giant is a video editing software company who is well known for its program Magic Bullet. As  a sort of advertisement, Red Giant had asked a young film maker, Seth Worley, to create a short film that would really show the true awesomeness of the new Magic Bullet Suite 11. He came up with the idea of a button that will take you through the unique styles of cinema. From being black and white as a  Film Noir to a Michael Bay production where everything is exploding around you and there’s lens flares going off all over the place. This short film really captures the true essence of  the many different techniques of cinema. I love how it keeps true to the camera motion and movement when it switches between all of the scenes. Enjoy!