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The Diamond Life Episode 10

Here is the next episode of the online web-series I do director of photography for. We interviewed our good friend Writer/Actor Tommy O’Reilley about his career. He’s been in multiple short films and has auditioned for some features. The style of the photo shoot and video goes along with the short film we did called (Love) That Kind Of. In the film it follows Marisa’s (Ana) dreams about Jake (Tommy), and for this we wanted to do Jakes side of the dream. I used interesting and unique techniques to capture some of the images. I found a blue flash light that I shined on a slight angle to give a short of lens flare. For some shots I took a drinking glass and kept spining it on an angle slowly to make a quarter of the frame blurry, but this also reflects the natural light off the crystals in the glass which causes a natural lens flare.

Our next episode is to be shot some time in February,



The Greatest Blog Post Ever Told

Today in our media class, we watched the documentary “Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold“. Its a documentary on how brand name companies advertise there products in motion pictures, and how having a big name company sponsor can turn your movie into a Hollywood blockbuster. Its really interesting to see how this whole industry works. After having watching this film, im starting to see more of the product placement in movies and on television. Some movies do a great job at sneaking it in, other movies make it very blunt and obvious about product placement. Take Waynes World for example. They used popular products at the time, and there was clearly product placement  in the movie, but they portrayed it in a humorous manner.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold was eye catching and worth the watch. It raises the question, can a major motion picture become a blockbuster success with out the help from company sponsorship? I cant think of any off the top of my head, but if there were to be a movie without company sponsorship, it would not be as successful as movies like Iron Man, or Twilight. This Documentary is continually generating money, but has not yet broke even. It was estimated that the budget of the movie was$1,500,000, and from last August, the movie grossed $638,476.

If you have the chance to watch this documentary, I recommend it. Its fun and interesting to see how the marketing industry works with the motion picture industry.

40 years of Dodge

Heres just a nice little video put together that shows the history behind one mans favourite possession. The way this video was pieced together was so elegantly done, that I had to share it. The colour corrections and filters in the beginning gave the video a nice vintage touch. I think the unique angles and point of views of the camera made a deeper impact on the total outcome of the video. You get to see the feeling of driving the car, and how cool it looks to drive. I find it enjoyable to watch these types videos where its something so simple and not much to it, but it gives such an impact and make you smile and want to watch it a second time. The music used has a nice flow to it. Gives of a folkie vibe to the finished product. It was mixed together excellently I might add. This is an all around neat little video.

The Diamond Life – Shine Boxing

Here is the latest episode of the webseries The Diamond Life. I was lucky enough to be asked to do the Director of Photographer. Ana, the creator and Host of the show, had the idea to make the video look really intense, kind of like a Nike commercial. We had to use all natural light at the boxing gym, so I really had to push the cameras adjustment settings. I am really please on how this episode turned out and I hope to continue doing the DoP for this series.

All Around The World

“3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage” Thats what it took to create this master piece. Move is part of a three part mini shorts. Its a neat little video that shows one mans journey around the world. The cuts between all the shots were really well done. Each shot must have been carefully planned out in order to achieve the look of the actor walking at a constant speed toward the camera.

What goes on Under the Streets of New York

This Documentary takes you under the streets of New York City. It brings you up close to the old subway stations and interviews people who have been living under the streets of New York for many years. Whats even more remarkable about this is that this documentary was filmed with no concent and no permits from New York. Urban Historian and thrill seeker, Steve Duncan, has made these trips many times before, and is not affraid of whats trying to stop him. He brought along an up and coming film maker, Andrew Wonder, to film this adventure. I love how the whole thing was filmed gorilla style , it really sets the tone for the documentary. You feel like your there with them, trying not to be seen, and not to be hit by a passing subway cars.

It must be a real challenge, trying to get a clear shot of all the action, and at the same time not to be seen or heard by anyone. I highly incourage you to take the time and watch this.