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3 Best Pieces of Work

My 3rd best piece of work in my opinion is my Picture Name. I had a fun time creating it. We had control over what we wanted it to look like, and we really had to be creative with it. I feel like Iv done a great job on it.

My 2nd best piece of work is my Culture Jamming analysis. I believe I really analysed the pictures and understood the meaning behind them. These clever pieces of art hold a strong meaning with them.

Over all the best piece of work iv done this year would have to be my culminating. I really enjoyed planing out each step of the assignment. I felt like the Photoshop job I did was very well done. I really took my time with it to perfect it.


Culture Jamming

1.  its showing that people in prisioned to buying items, and theres no way you can get away from it. Your sold on the idea of buying something, but you dont always need it.

2.There’s no “one” product being advertised, its saying that people are imprisoned to all items for sale.

3. The image shows a Bar Code, with hands griping on to two of the bars, pretending like its on the inside of a jail sell

4/5.The Image is trying to display the fact that everyone falls victim to the buying world. And were all just a number or “figure” to the big name companies.

6.This advertisement is indented for all people whose ever bought something whether it was a trend, or something that’s useless to buy. But it mainly targets the people who go over board with spending money.

7.I believe the culture jam portrays a clear and meaningful message. Some may explain the ad in a different manner, but it all works out to being imprisoned to the idea of buying items.

8.I would have had a recognizable marketing figure behind the bars, just to help people out with understanding the message.

  1. The ad represents Nike, and how they had a scandal with child labor workers making their products.
  2. Nike as a brand is being advertised but it is portraying that when you buy a nike product, your paying $250 for the brand name, and only $0.83 for the actual labor.
  3. The imagery used is a black Nike shoe with a dashed line through the middle of it, dividing the shoe into two sections. Each section represents what the shoe is worth in dollars.
  4. The message used in the advertisement is what you are really paying for when you buy a Nike shoe.
  5. I believe having the figures on the actual Nike shoe have more of an impact on what the message is trying to get across
  6. The target audience for this ad is the people who buy into Nike products.
  7. I believe this had ad conveys a very clear and strong message towards Nike using child labor.
  8. I wouldn’t change the ad, I would leave it how it is because its already displaying a strong message.

1.The Company being targeted in the ad is B.P. Oil Company, and how they had the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

2.The product being advertised is shrimp, but instead of Bubba Gump Shrimp, its Bubba “Pump” shrimp, with the B.P. Oil logo in the background.

3. The imagery used is the this ad has the same look as the original Bubba Gump Shrimp logo, but instead the shrimp is now a gas pump nozzle and the title is Bubba Pump Shrimp. Around the circle of the pump nozzle says things like “Petroleum Flavor”.

4. The message used in the advertisement is of the massive oil spill in the gulf of Mexico that happened last year, and how now there’s a lot more oil then there is fish and sea creatures.

5. At first glance, the ad is set up like an innocent looking ad, but its only when you give it a good look that you realize that it represents B.P. Oil, and that the shrimp on the front of the ad is really a gas pump nozzle. All of these are arranged to show how B.P. Oil was responsible for polluting the Gulf of Mexico.

6. The Target audience for this ad would be probably the people affected by this disaster, and mostly the people at B.P. Oil. Its to show them what they did to the environment.

7. I believe the ad represents a clear message. If someone had not heard about the Gulf Spill, then maybe they wouldn’t understand as much as others. If a person also didn’t know who B.P. Oil was or what their logo looks like, that might also be a factor for not understanding it.

8. I don’t really know how else this ad could be improved. It seems to be pretty perfect to me. It sends a strong and clear message.

Anonymous Occupy’s Toronto

The online terrorist group called “Anonymous” has released a video that states that they will interfere with Toronto mayor Rob Fords decision to evict the protesters in Toronto. They have also said that they will delete anyones existence on the internet, if they choose to interfere. Anonymous has proven before how powerful they truly are. They had crashed the Playstation 3 network last year because one of their users had been perminatly kicked off of the online game play, and to get back at Sony they crashed the whole network.

The actions that Anonymous are planing on taking seem a little extreme. They do want to make a serious point, but they are scaring a lot of people. I get that scaring the people is what will get a serious reaction, but we don’t want people living in fear. If the Anonymous do follow through with their original plan, it could cause an up roar with citizens of Toronto. Nothing good can come from the outcome of this event.

Hopefully the occupiers start fading away, and people return to their normal lives. But in reality that isnt going to happen. These next couple months could be rough for the people of Toronto.

Occupy Toronto

Occupy Toronto has been going on since the end of september. They now have seemed to form their own colony, making libraries, grocery stores and even a “police” station. They claim that they are the 99% of people who aren’t being treated fairly in modern-day society, and that the 1% is the upper scale, high-class, business people who are getting in the way of all their dream jobs. For now lets call them hippies. The hippies think that sitting in a park, holding up miss spelt, and grammatically incorrect signs is the best way to get their message across. Surely the government will acknowledge this intelligence and do something about it. Sadly these “hippies” just keep sitting their, having their peaceful protest.

Going back to the article about “Dont Follow Your Dreams”, it talks about how in today’s society, young people just expect big important jobs to be handed to them with no effort involved. These occupiers are doing exactly that. They are waiting for “The Man” to come down and hand them all their dream jobs. Most of these people probably have a good education, and even a post secondary education, but their not applying them self out in the world. It almost seems like their being counter productive. The occupiers have been in Toronto for a month and some odd days, and yet they still don’t have a unified message. “We have come together to find solutions to the difficulties we are facing in society today. We have not yet put out a unified message but be sure it will come.” I took that statement straight from the Occupy Toronto website. Just below that statement is another one talking about why they are their and what they want to achieve with the protest. Having looked over both statements, it seems like they have some flaws. Some people are confused as to what they are protesting for and others seem to know exactly what they want out of it.

The point I am trying to get across is that if the 99%  of population is putting all their time and effort into this protest, why couldn’t they do the same for finding a job, or creating a job that will help with the issues that are being protested. Sitting around with signs isn’t going to give them instant results, they need to face the issues head on.

The video I attached below includes interviews of some of the protesters at Occupy Toronto. Have your own oppinion about the issue.

Dont Follow your Dream

Full Article

Harrison Solow seems to be very angry and distraught by her former student “Trevor”. She does have a good reason to be angry with him, but she was a little harsh. She demotivated her student to a whole new extreme. She clearly stated to him that he will never get a degree, because of some plagiarized content. It later talks about a friend of hers that taught a screenwriting coarse, and gave his class an assignment to write a one hour screenplay 50 pages long. A week later he collected the screen plays, but no one finished. How can he expect for the students to be just as good as him in their first year class. They have to practice and experince what its like to do what they want in life, they’re still learning. If people do work hard towards something they are passionate about they will eventually earn it. I do believe that I will end up somewhere in the film industry, so im starting young by going out and making videos. Each time I finish one, I really look at it and say, “what could have I done different to make it better?”. Nothing comes easy in life, and it shouldn’t. Each day offers new obstacles and maybe one day you’ll decide that what you have been chasing after wasn’t right for you in the first place. This is just my opinion, you may or may not agree with me. So take things slow in life and work hard towards your own goals.