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The Diamond Life Episode 10

Here is the next episode of the online web-series I do director of photography for. We interviewed our good friend Writer/Actor Tommy O’Reilley about his career. He’s been in multiple short films and has auditioned for some features. The style of the photo shoot and video goes along with the short film we did called (Love) That Kind Of. In the film it follows Marisa’s (Ana) dreams about Jake (Tommy), and for this we wanted to do Jakes side of the dream. I used interesting and unique techniques to capture some of the images. I found a blue flash light that I shined on a slight angle to give a short of lens flare. For some shots I took a drinking glass and kept spining it on an angle slowly to make a quarter of the frame blurry, but this also reflects the natural light off the crystals in the glass which causes a natural lens flare.

Our next episode is to be shot some time in February,



The Diamond Life – Shine Boxing

Here is the latest episode of the webseries The Diamond Life. I was lucky enough to be asked to do the Director of Photographer. Ana, the creator and Host of the show, had the idea to make the video look really intense, kind of like a Nike commercial. We had to use all natural light at the boxing gym, so I really had to push the cameras adjustment settings. I am really please on how this episode turned out and I hope to continue doing the DoP for this series.