The wonders behind the bearded figure


Camera Angles

Here is my Camera Angles assignment. We were given a shot list which we had to go out and photograph. We then had to display the photos in a creative manner. I chose to make a collage of the photos and make simple labels for them. 


Year in Review – 2011

2011 was a memorable year some may say. A lot of change had happened over seas in places like Libia, and Egypt. These changes will affect these places in the years to come, it could be a good thing, or it could be bad. Also, Barack Obama has pledge to take the troops out of the middle east. The war has finally ended after 10 years. Once again this will really affect the years to come.

What I really enjoyed about 2011 was the fact that my career has started taking off. I have learned a lot about the film industry and I have started working on several different projects. I have established a relationship with an actress on an online webseries. I am the director of photography as well as the director of it. We have great hopes and dreams for 2012. Our upcoming episodes should really make a name for us.

Also in 2012, I will be one year closer to graduating. I am really looking forward to going off and learning more about the film industry. For once I am excited about school, because its something that I really would like to get into.

I can only hope for the best in 2012 with my early career.

3 Best Pieces of Work

My 3rd best piece of work in my opinion is my Picture Name. I had a fun time creating it. We had control over what we wanted it to look like, and we really had to be creative with it. I feel like Iv done a great job on it.

My 2nd best piece of work is my Culture Jamming analysis. I believe I really analysed the pictures and understood the meaning behind them. These clever pieces of art hold a strong meaning with them.

Over all the best piece of work iv done this year would have to be my culminating. I really enjoyed planing out each step of the assignment. I felt like the Photoshop job I did was very well done. I really took my time with it to perfect it.

5 Favourite Blog Posts of Media Arts

Over this past semester I have stumbled upon some interesting items on the internet. Iv mainly discovered some really cool short films. One in particular is called Möbius. I liked blogging it because it’s so great to watch. You really don’t want it to end.

Another one of my favourite blog post was our assignment to take pictures around our school that would spell our name. You really had to use your imagination to create your full name. The end result of the collage looks very unique. I only edited a couple of the pictures.

My 3rd favourite post was about the Star Wars in Real Settings. It blew my mind when I first saw them, and all the detail that went into each photo. They look completely authentic, like they were just photographed for some national geographic article.

My 4th favourite blog post is about the Occupy Movement. I took the time to research the whole meaning behind it. It turns out that there wasn’t a straight message being delivered. Each person wanted something different out of the government.

My 5th favourite blog post is the collection of Director of Photography I do for an online webseries. I really enjoy participating in them, and we have great hopes and dreams for the future of the show. Ill definatly be uploading everything I continue to do with the show.

Star Wars in Real Settings

Here’s an excellent example of photoshop. If Star Wars characters excisted in our modern day soceity, these are the kind of situations they might encounter. I love how real the characters look in each setting and how natural it looks. These are some of my favourite ones I’v seen. Here is a link to the full website of all the pictures.

Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars

Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars

Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars

Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars

Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars

Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars


Carnivorous Caribou

Carnivorous Caribou

Media Arts Culminating

The Diamond Life Episode 10

Here is the next episode of the online web-series I do director of photography for. We interviewed our good friend Writer/Actor Tommy O’Reilley about his career. He’s been in multiple short films and has auditioned for some features. The style of the photo shoot and video goes along with the short film we did called (Love) That Kind Of. In the film it follows Marisa’s (Ana) dreams about Jake (Tommy), and for this we wanted to do Jakes side of the dream. I used interesting and unique techniques to capture some of the images. I found a blue flash light that I shined on a slight angle to give a short of lens flare. For some shots I took a drinking glass and kept spining it on an angle slowly to make a quarter of the frame blurry, but this also reflects the natural light off the crystals in the glass which causes a natural lens flare.

Our next episode is to be shot some time in February,